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Equinox Open Source Grant

About the Equinox Open Source Grant
The Equinox Open Source Grant first launched in 2019, inspired by the vibrant open source community and the belief that every community deserves to benefit from a searchable, accessible, and thriving library. 
Grant Eligibility and Application
Grant Details
Services provided by the Equinox Open Source Grant include:
  • Hosting and Support services for Koha
  • Migration and Implementation of the new Koha ILS
  • End user training on Koha
The grant is provided for a term of three years and can be renewed indefinitely as long as the grant recipient continues to qualify for the grant.  Grant recipients may choose to discontinue hosting at any time. In the event of an organization withdrawing from the program, Equinox will provide a copy of the Koha database in standard formats that can be imported into another library catalog system.


Angela Kilsdonk

Please send any questions or inquiries to grants@equinoxinitiative.org.
About Equinox Open Library Initiative
About Koha

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